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The #1 Review Program for Praxis I and Other Basic Skills Tests

TeachRite™, the premier exam review program for future teachers. Whether you're taking the Praxis I exam, or a state basic skills exam like the CBEST, FTCE, or GACE, TeachRite is the leading study system and offers an exclusive money-back guarantee that you'll achieve the minimum required scores on your first attempt.

Developed by teachers, TeachRite achieves the following objectives:

» Improve your reading comprehension
» Understand what winning essays look like
» Refresh your essential math skills
» Get your career started right – the first time, guaranteed

Do I Need a Study Guide Program?

States may refer to these exams as pre-professional skills tests, general knowledge exams, or basic skills tests, but they all share the same basic goal: To ensure that you understand the core concepts required for the classroom.

Between reading, writing and mathematics, these tests can be tough. For example, do you know the difference between inference and organization reading questions? Can you differentiate between parallelism and noun-pronoun agreement? Do you remember the Pythagorean Theorem? For many students, halfway through their college degree, many of the “basics” for reading, writing and mathematics are distant memories. But besides being challenging for even the best students, most exams have a minimum waiting period between test attempts. This means that failing the exam even once can delay your graduation date and your entire career by months. The TeachRite basic skills test program offers online review of the core concepts of reading, writing and mathematics plus hundreds of practice questions in each subject to get you prepared. By supporting general exams like the Praxis I, or state exams like AEPA and MTTC, TeachRite is the most comprehensive exam review program of its kind. And because it’s developed by teachers, we offer an exclusive money-back guarantee unmatched in the industry.

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The TeachRite Difference

Other exam review programs can’t match the sophistication of TeachRite. How is TeachRite different? For starters, it was developed by teachers, exclusively for teachers. While other companies produce study guides for hundreds of different professions from accounting to zoology, TeachRite is dedicated to one career: Teaching. And rather than focusing on a multitude of professional teaching tests, TeachRite is dedicated to the rigors of the various basic skills tests because these tests are often the foundation of your teaching career.

Exams We Support

Although the Praxis I® Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST) is required and/or accepted in several states in order to become a teacher, many other states require their own basic skills test or general knowledge test. Because TeachRite was developed by teachers, we understand the variety of basic skills tests out there. Whether you’re in Washington or Florida, chances are good that TeachRite has a solution for you. This page lists the exams which we support. Click any link to go to that state’s specific page.
Supported Exams
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"A few months ago I signed up to take the West B exam for my elementary education pre-req. I'm a former student with a communications degree who's been out of school for 25 years and returning.
I was looking for resources to help me study for the test and stumbled on your site through google.  THANK YOU For the online prep courses you offer.  I signed up for all of them and studied for the exam.
I PASSED all 3 sections!  This was such a great refresher and had everything clear in my mind the day before the test.  It was great!  There were things in the math section that were not covered in my pre-req courses that were covered in your information.
Thank you again and couldn't have done it without your company's help :)  You made it much easier!"

-L, Smith, Wenatchee, WA

"I just want to say thanks TeachRite! I studied the writing course for 2 months and I passed the MTTC writing portion. I took the exam 3 times before with the same failing score. Now I am on my way to my teacher certificate. TeachRite really worked for me, I highly recommend it. Thanks a lot!"

-R, Gutierrez, Detroit, MI

"I just wanted to thank TeachRite for helping me pass the GK reading test... I couldn't pass it the first four times and when I did TeachRite, it really helped me!!! Thank you so much!!!"

-J. Martelli, Wellington, FL

"I highly recommend TeachRite...The price was inexpensive considering the results."

-S. Vincent, Costa Mesa, CA

"I love the program and am thankful to have access to it."

-J. Miles, Kingsland, GA

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