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WEST-B Study Guide for Washington Teachers

Washington WEST-B Review ProgramWashington’s future teachers have enough to worry about. Between final exams, homework, part-time jobs, and getting ready for your internship, students have little time to stress about taking their teaching exams.  With the TeachRite study guide program, at least you won’t have to lose sleep about passing the challenging WEST-B Basic Skills Test.  Come find out why TeachRite is Washington's #1 WEST-B study guide program.

The WEST-B is required for all new teachers in the state of Washington.  It was developed to ensure that prospective teachers understand the core concepts needed to be effective in the classroom.  Yes, budding math teachers need to write essays, and future literature teachers need to know geometry.

This exam covers basic skills imperative to a successful teaching career.  It does not test specific subjects like science or history but passing the WEST-B is crucial to your teaching career.  Washington will not grant you a license without a passing score on this exam or an approved equivalent.  In some cases, Washington colleges will not allow you to graduate without a passing score on the WEST-B!

Imagine the cost of having to take another semester of college because you failed the WEST-B.  Picture being rejected from the Washington Department of Education licensing board because your score was not high enough to pass. With so much at stake, you need a partner like TeachRite to ensure your success.

The TeachRite Solution

So what do you do?  First, you develop a plan to prepare for the WEST-B so you can pass it the first time.  Other WEST-B study guide programs can’t match the sophistication of TeachRite.  How is TeachRite different?  For starters, it was developed by licensed teachers.  While other companies produce study guides for hundreds of different professions from accounting to zoology, TeachRite is dedicated to one career:  Teaching.  And rather than focusing on a multitude of professional teaching tests, TeachRite is dedicated to the rigors of the various basic skills tests like the WEST-B because these tests are often the foundation of your teaching career. 

WEST-B Study GuideWith over 500 proven practice questions in reading, writing, and mathematics, TeachRite’s exclusive Learning Management System not only provides necessary feedback but it keeps track of your results to encourage continuous improvement. Narrated study guides and animated characters help keep you engaged while you study and are designed to meet the needs of both audio and visual learners.

Plus, it’s the only WEST-B study guide program that offers a money-back guarantee for passing the WEST-B on your first attempt. With the best training content, a bona fide Learning Management System, and a rock-solid guarantee, you can’t go wrong with TeachRite

For more information about the WEST-B visit http://www.west.nesinc.com/index.asp

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